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We have been in business since 1978 and are experts at power washing all types of home exteriors including vinyl, aluminum, cedar, stucco and brick. Many other areas of the home exterior can be cleaned as well, including roofs, cement patios and walks, garage floors, swimming pools and tennis courts.
House Power Washing:

Your entire home from the gutters to the foundation is thoroughly soaped, brushed where needed and gently rinsed with SOFT water. If your home has a mold or mildew problem, we remove it and treat the exterior to prevent it from coming back as quickly. Your home will look so clean and fresh you will be amazed.



Frequently Asked Questions

My gutters have unsightly vertical lines or 'runs' on them. Will your service get them out?
At the very least, you will see a 90% improvement. Most of the time gutters will come sparkling clean. However, depending on how long the stains have been there and how much exposure to the sun they have had will determine how much of the stain actually comes off. Left too long, these lines can become 'baked' right into the paint of the gutter.

Do you clean the inside of the gutters?
Cleaning out the gutters is not included in the price of the house wash. However, a seperate price quote can be provided for this service on a case by case basis.

I have dark areas on the siding directly under the roof overhangs. What is this and can it be removed?
The area directly underneath the overhang is protected from the rain and wind. Dirt and debris tend to collect there and stay put. These areas are effectively cleaned with a regular pressure wash. On older aluminum siding we have a special soap that takes out these stains that literally bond to the paint.

Why does my aluminum siding look 'patchy'?
Aluminum siding is a product that was primed and painted. As it ages, the paint oxidizes and the primer begins to show through. This is most noticeable on southern and western exposures to the sun. White aluminum siding can get particularly bad. Our pressure washing service can effectively remove this oxidation as a preparation for paint.

I have a chalky residue coming off my aluminum siding, what is this?
Once again, this is a case of paint oxidation. Depending on the age of the siding, most of the time the oxidation can be removed by pressure washing and the siding color restored, without having to paint. A job like this calls for a precise application of the correct soaps, as the oxidation must be taken off completely and evenly to look good without marks and streaking. We have cleaned many aluminum homes and even restored complete apartment and condominium complexes.

My siding is covered with tiny flat black specs. Why are they so prevalent around the vents?
More than likely this is black mold. It feeds off of moisture and is often found around various exhaust vents around the home where it can grow quite thick and unsightly. When discovered, it can usually be found in different concentrations all over the entire exterior of the home.

Are the rounded raised brown/black specs on my siding insect excrement?
These specs that are usually the size of a BB are actually an 'artillery fungus' that has been shot out of the mulch bed beneath your siding and windows. When picked off with a fingernail they usually leave behind a small stain. This fungus and their stains can be effectively and safely removed by a knowledgeable professional.

Will your soaps hurt my plants and bushes?
Our soaps are biodegradeable and totally safe for vegetation and pets.

Do you do windows?
The windows get soaped and rinsed along with the rest of the home, and our soft water virtually eliminates hard water spotting. We do not, however, squegee or otherwise claim to be window washers.

Do you need to hook up to my outside water?
Depending on the size of the job, we may have to add to the water supply that we bring to the site by using your water. Otherwise our wash trucks are self contained and we don't need any other resources, including electricity.

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